Agreement between the Canal+ Group and TCL for the launch of the first television with an integrated VOD offer

The CANAL+ Group and TCL announced today the launch of the very first Thomson television offering direct access to the CANALPLAY video on demand platform.
This partnership, a first in France, marks a major advance in access to programmes on demand in the new generation of connected televisions.

On the market as of November, Thomson's new mywishTV LCDs are the first televisions on the market connected to the Internet to offer direct access to the CANAL+ Group's VOD platform.

Apart from the direct consultation of personal multimedia files (photos, videos or music), owners of THOMSON mywishTV LCD televisions will be able to enjoy the entire CANALPLAY catalogue, i.e. more than 7000 titles available directly on their screen accessible simply by pressing a button on the remote control.
The chance to access close to 90% of Box Office films, i.e. 3500 titles available at any time, as well as numerous successful TV series, most of them exclusive.

Fitted with integrated WiFi, the television enables wireless Internet connection.
Films downloaded are automatically stored in the TVs flash memory (4 GB).
Also equipped with an SD card reader, it gives those who want to the chance to download a larger number of films and thus compile their own custom video library.

A brand new televisual experience for viewers, who will also enjoy user-friendly browsing and optimum viewing thanks to the fluidity of the graphic interface guaranteed by this new range of LCD televisions.

This agreement is in line with the CANAL+ Group's desire to facilitate access to these offers on all new connected media through strategic collaboration with the leading players in the market.

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