From manufacture to packaging… An environmentally friendly approach


Manufacture, packaging… An environmentally friendly approach

TCL's commitment to the environment is not limited to the integration of electricity-saving technologies in its products. Whether in the manufacturing, packaging or shipping of televisions, our responsibility to the environment is ever-present.

Industrial concentration beneficial to the planet

Rather than increasing the number of specialist production centres, TCL constructs industrial platforms. Not only does this rationalisation of processes guarantee better organisation (turnover, productivity, competitiveness, etc.), it also reduces costs related to shipping and packaging between production hubs.

Environmentally friendly boxes?

TCL uses less voluminous boxes to ship televisions and other multimedia appliances. Therefore, paper consumption is reduced whereas packaging on pallets is increased by 70%! Therefore, the trucks carry more products and considerably alleviate traffic. We estimate that 1.25 kg of carbon dioxide emissions are saved per LCD screen thanks to this green initiative.

Learning about recycling

TCL facilitates the work of the waste recycling sector by publishing guides on the procedures for dismantling, reuse or recycling of electronic products. All of them techniques to reduce the impact on the environment.

Commitment to the environment recognised throughout the world 

TCL has obtained certification for all of these initiatives:

o ISO 14001, approving its environmental management;
o IECQ HSPM (for Hazardous Substances Process Management) guaranteeing global compliance with RoHS requirements, traceability and storage of products and materials.