TCL in 10 key dates

TCL's history in a few dates


TCL in 10 key dates

2008: In December, TCL signed a cooperation agreement with Intel to develop the new generation of television by Internet. In September, the company introduced the first LCD interactive television with the X9 series.

2007: In May, European reorganisation was completed.

2006: In October, TCL announced a European reorganisation plan and a new business model.

2005: In December, TCL announced that it would be collaborating with Walt Disney. In March, TCL International became TCL Multimedia.

2004: In September, the T&A joint venture between TCL Communication and Alcatel was formalised. Shares in TCL were made available on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. During the same period, the company became the largest television manufacturer by merging with Thomson's TV Division, the owner of the RCA and Thomson brands.

2003: TCL Mobile was ranked among the 5 most dynamic technology companies in Asia Pacific by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

2002: In November, TCL signed an agreement with Motorola for the production of mobile telephones. In April, the company signed a memorandum of intent with the Japanese conglomerate, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.

2001: the company became the number 1 in colour TVs in China.

1992: TCL started manufacturing widescreens.

1953: The RCA brand marketed the first colour television.