TCL, a world leader in home and consumer electronics

TCL develops, manufactures and markets Thomson* brand televisions in Europe

*THOMSON is a Thomson S.A. trademark used under licence by TCL


More than 100 million consumers currently put their trust in the TCL Group throughout the world. In 2008, global sales amounted to more than 15 million televisions and some 14 million mobile telephones. TCL's technological dynamism has propelled it to 5th place in the number of televisions sold worldwide (5.9% global market share).

TCL Multimedia, an international electronics group listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (code 1070) is active in Europe with the Thomson (1) and TCL brands, in North America with RCA (1) and TCL and in Asia under the TCL and Rowa brands.

Camcorders, photo frames, DVD and Blu-ray players are all families of technological products with which the company develops.

(1) Thomson and RCA are Thomson SA brands

Innovative products developed by considerable R&D know-how

TCL's R&D centre is based in Shenzhen, but there are a dozen laboratories located in Singapore, the United States and France. Around 700 engineers devote their energy to inventing the products of tomorrow, banking on their know-how as well as on the latest technological innovations.

TCL Multimedia extends its range to LCD products, banking on the strong potential of its Research and Development hub: 1022 patents have been registered up to now.

Each year, our researchers develop hundreds of new products at the cutting edge of innovation:

tv connectees, lecteurs blu-ray, caméscopes full HD

High quality products at competitive prices

TCL employs more than 27,000 people in twenty factories:

o A global brand to supply the principal markets
o Poland to supply the European market
o Mexico to supply the North American market
o Huizhou, Wuxi, Mongolia, Chengdu and Henan to supply China
o Thailand and Vietnam to supply the EU, North America and the emerging markets


Vertical integration to guarantee the best quality at competitive prices

- LCD production hubs:
TCL Multimedia has acquired an LCD production factory with an annual production capacity of 3 million televisions and 2 million semi-finished LCD kits. This factory is adjacent to the LCD hub set up by the Group's holding company, TCL Corporation, in tandem with Samsung.


- This vertical integration leads to:
o A significant reduction in production costs while continuing to guarantee optimum quality
o A reduction in transport and packaging costs
o An improvement in the competitiveness of pricing

A global distribution network

The sales network comprises 4 regional Business Centres, covering distribution in 130 countries throughout the world:


TCL's business is broken down geographically into business units:

o China (China Business Centre)
o North America (North America Business Centre)
o Europe (Europe Business Centre)
o Emerging market (Emerging Market Business Centre)